About Us

  • 2004

    We have started working with hospital and health care centers as a medical capital goods and services.

  • 2009

    Began to work in the field of consumer surgery products.

    Research and development about surgical sutures, including : surgeon favorites,packagin and mentioned items by

  • 2011

    Choosing Wego Company and importing first part of general surgical sutures.

  • 2012

    contracting with suture india.

  • 2014

    improving and completing our portfolio in comparison with the competitors during these two years (2012-2014)

  • 2016

    Positioning our self az suture scientific reference in the market by making some workshops, participation in congress and totally speaking content supplying ang managements.

    Our development phases has been started from this point. We have pent over the period of one year to meet more then 450 surgeons to take a suture test which the result is our bible book of their certfications.

  • 2017

    Login in to Healthy Evolution Schedule which was a governmental plan to pick some high degree to assist the MOH for covering the health care centers need. It was one of our proud that we were chosen as a reference company to be assistant of government and helping people the tuff times.

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